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Religious people look up to God for their current wants in life; like: healing, prosperity, prophesy (to know future), etc. They try to obtain these things through a church or religion or by giving money to famous evangelists, etc, and preachers teach that God gives these things. By doing so, preachers make a fortune for themselves, since people are willing to pay them well. Celebrities are excellent performers in such teachings and Christians love to make them rich. Preachers preach and Christians believe that eternal life is a by-product or a bonus for pleasing the religion or celebrities, and so eternal life is free. But, Jesus Christ and his apostles preach, that we must do what God tells us to do, to receive eternal life. So, our preachers contradict Jesus Christ and apostles. Let us study this and similar things from what the Bible says.

Having this in mind, I have prepared a few studies from the Bible, as "the Bible explaining the Bible," without any twist or deviation from any verse from its context. I will present them here for your study in three ways. One is as articles, another is as topic videos, and the next is as chapter study videos. This page contains topic videos. Please click on the topics below for your study. Please click on the links for the others articles and videos. Please enjoy your studies. May God bless you.

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God and Man

Creator God and creation man

The true God is the one, who has created the whole universe with everything that exists. God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. God is three persons in one Spirit. The persons are God, Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. God has created the soul of man in his image. So, he wants men to be holy and righteous.

Man Jesus, God Jesus, Another Jesus.

'God the Word' become a man and he was Jesus of Nazareth. He lived as a man, but not as God, during the 34 years of his life. After he was crucified, he was raised from death and was made God again as before. But most Christians worship the man Jesus, instead of worshiping the true Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, they worship another Jesus.

Gospel and Salvation

Jesus Christ says that you must be Born Again

Every infant is born with a soul. They grow and commit sins. Few of them repent and ask God for help. So, God covers their soul by giving a holy spirit. This is born again or born of the spirit. They continues to be born of water, and born of God. They inherit God's kingdom.


How to Repent or to Change your Mind?

Godly sorrow is fore-runner for repentance. Repent is to change our minds from disobeying God to obey him. We must desire the things of heaven so that our life may be one with Christ. If we strive, God will give grace to make it happen by his mercy.


What is Grace that Saved Us from sins?

Grace is, God himself living in a person working holiness and perfection in the persons life. If anybody challenges this person that he or she cannot live a holy and perfect life, it is just because this person is ignorant not knowing what the grace of God is.


What do you mean by Saved by Grace?

God has removed a group of people from trespasses and sins to walk in righteousness and has made them to sit in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. They seek the things where Jesus Christ sits, but not the things on earth. Their change in the life of sins is called saved by grace.


Can we believe and confess to be Saved?

If we confess the Lord Jesus and believe he is resurrected from the dead, then we are saved. Is this statement true? No. But, Romans 10:9-13 is true. But, preachers use the statement and confuse people to preach a wrong message. This makes it a deception and a lie.

What is the Faith that saved Us from sins?

The hope of a Christian is to meet the Lord Jesus Christ at his second coming. Whoever has this hope will purify his life. So, the proof of this hope will be seen in his life. The evidence of this life is faith, which will be made visible or seen by others.

We are saved by Our Works by Obeying God

Faith without works is dead. Saved by faith is saved by living faith, which is the faith that has works. We are saved by our faith indicates that we are saved by our works.

Commandments, Laws & the Gospel

Laws of Moses and Ten Commandments will not apply to Gentile Christians by Acts 15. But Jesus Christ has revised the Ten Commandments and it becomes the Commandments of Jesus Christ. This is also the gospel of Jesus Christ. We all must obey them for eternal life.

Are You washed by the Blood of Jesus?

If we have received the blood of Jesus Christ and are saved, God has just bought us with the price of the blood of Jesus Christ. So, we do not belong to ourselves, but we are owned by God to do his Will. If we are living in the way we wanted to live that is in sin, then God did not buy us, we are not washed by his blood and we are not saved.

Gospel and Grace of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is author of the gospel, he preached the gospel, he told his disciple to preach the gospel. Galatians 1:6 to 9 says that there is only one gospel that was preached by Jesus Christ and whoever making another gospel are cursed by God. So, there is no other gospel than the Gospel that Jesus Christ has preached. All other gospels are fake or false gospels.

Few Topics from the Bible

Are Christians Carnal, Deceivers Or Disciples?

Carnal Christians are sinners who are in Christianity, but not with Christ. Baby Christians, who has envying, strife and divisions, may grow out of it and may inherit eternal life. Some deceives people purposely and some deceives them ignorantly. They serve the devil.

Jesus Christ gives Himself again to bless you

God the word became sinful flesh and he was Jesus. He died for the whole world. God raised him from death and made him Lord and Christ. As Lord and God, he was sent to turn those who submit to him away from sins and iniquities. Have you submitted to the Lord?

Born of the flesh is flesh: born of the Spirit is spirit

Born again is a process of conversion of a person from the flesh to the Spirit. It starts when we receive the spirit of man and it completes when the Holy Ghost begins to dwell in us. If this process of conversion has begun in you, you will be godly minded.

What is Bible Hope & What is Bible Faith?

Bible hope is to believe the promises of God. Bible faith is to trust God to the extent that we do what God tells us to do to receive his promise.

The bible says that God Requires Sinless Perfection

Sinless perfection is ridiculed and mocked even by Christians. But God repeatedly says not to sin. God also tells his children to be holy and perfect. Jesus Christ died a cruel death on the cross to make his people holy and perfect, which is sinless perfection.

God told to Walk Perfect even in the Old Testament

If we can find a person who lived perfect in the Bible then we can assume that we also can become perfect. The Bible shows that there are many saints who lived perfect and gives their accounts. This gives us hope that we can also become perfect.

When will God forgive Sins and How?- Part 1

Jesus Christ shed his blood on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. God gives his grace to humble people who obey God. As they overcome sins by his grace, Christ forgives their sins through his blood.

When will God forgive Sins and How?- Part 2

Jesus Christ became a man to take away the cycle of sin and forgiveness and to establish one time sacrifice and one time forgiveness. And Jesus Christ has successfully established it. Did he establish it in your life?

Can a Good Man go to Heaven without taking Baptism?

The Bible baptism is commonly known as water baptism. Most churches give baptism to children and they will not take water baptism. Then, they ask whether will they go to heaven if they do not take water baptism. So, let us look at the Bible and find the answer.

Do you believe in Jesus Christ?- Part 1

Believe in Jesus Christ is not to believe that Jesus Christ will forgive our sins so that we may go to heaven. But it is to believe what Jesus Christ says to do and to do them to go to heaven. For example: We must fulfill Matthew 5:20 in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Do you believe in Jesus Christ?- Part 2

Jews believed that they are the sons of God, but did not obey Jesus Christ, in the same way present day Christians do. Jesus Christ told the Jews in John 8:44 that they are the sons of the devil, meaning that Jesus Christ will say the same to present day Christians also.

False Doctrines by twisting Scriptures

Here is false Christ (s) or another Jesus (s)

Discussed about the true Jesus Christ comparing with another Jesus and false Christ. 2 Cor 11:4 explains that churches tollerate and accept false Jesus, false Spirit and false gospel. Now, it is happening in our churches.

Who is Satan? How can you escape Deception?

Satan is not a black gorilla with two horns and a tail, But he is beautiful and wise. He shows himself as angel of light and deceives people. He says that we cannot obey God, but we do not have to obey God for salvation, but believe on the cross and on the blood for salvation.

Righteousness is Fine Linen, Clean & White

The righteousness of sinners are filthy rags. But the righteousness of saints should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white, for those who wear them are the bride of Christ. False preachers purposely twist the scriptures to confuse people even though they knew the true scriptures.

Is our Righteousness in Isaiah & Romans, Filthy Rags?

False preachers say that the righteousness of godly people are as filthy rags in the sight of God whereas God rewards and recompenses the righteousness of godly people. The heavenly glory is waiting for the righteous people according to scriptures.

When shall Spiritual Gifts be done away? Part 1

When the perfect future is revealed before us, the gift of prophesy that is in part will be done away. When the perfect knowledge comes to us, the the gift of knowledge that is in part will be done away. The perfect comes at the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When shall Spiritual Gifts be done away? Part 2

When we can talk to God in person all the time, the gift of tongues that is in part will be done away. The perfect is the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

False Preachers twist Scriptures

Salvation of Christ - Clip of Paul Washer

Most Christians say that they are saved. They just say it as a cliché. They do not even know what grace is or even what salvation is. So, Let us study what Salvation is, from the Bible. We will analyze a clip of Paul Washer also.

Study of Sin, Grace & John MacArthur, Gospel & John Piper

We will study the Bible definition for Sin, Grace and Gospel. We will also compare the clips of John Piper and John MacArthur with the Bible.

Imputed Righteousness. False Preachers-
RC Sproul, Paul Washer, John Piper & Sinclair Ferguson

If you obey the commandments of God, it will be imputed as your righteousness. Impute does not mean transfer. But preachers like RC Sproul, Paul Washer, Sinclair Ferguson and John Piper say that impute is transfer. They twist the word of God and serve the devil.

False Teaching,  Paul Washer, and Willful Sin

Jesus Christ says to obey his commandments. Paul Washer is one of the false preachers. But Paul Washer is very talented speaker, orator, even an actor. Paul Washer praises Jesus Christ with his mouth and preach opposite to his teachings. What is willful sin? Will it be forgiven?

Speaking in tongues and John MacArthur blaspheme the Holy Ghost

God became flesh (Jesus) and came to Jews. Jews rejected Jesus. God rejected Jews and destroyed the temple. God baptizes the obedient with the Holy Ghost and gives them gifts. Satan and his servants are against them. John MacArthur is one of their leaders.

Open Enemies and Suicide Bombers

When God rejected Lucifer from being an archangel, he became Satan and an enemy of the people of God. He forms many religions and ungodly institutions and became an open enemy to God. Satan also deceives many people and deploy them as suicide bombers.

Deceptive Teachings

O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me?

Just before and after chapter 7, the message is to reject sin and to serve God in the Spirit to be saved from eternal death. What all chapter 7 offers is death to those who live in sin. The salvation message starts from the next verse, chapter 8:1. Here false teaching is exposed.

If we walk not in light & say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves.
1 John 1:7-8, 2:1-2.

Jesus Christ is the advocate and is also the judge. He is a righteous advocate and a righteous judge. Jesus Christ died for the whole world. Those who have not responded to the love of the cross by accepting him as Lord, will face the wrath of God.

Is it a cliché to say I am Perfect in Christ Jesus?

Even it appears impossible we still can become perfect because of the grace of God. People think that nobody can become perfect. But, it is God who makes his people perfect.

End Times and Kingdom of God

Gospel by Jesus is to Obey His Commands & inherit his Kingdom

Gospel is to obey what Jesus say and to inherit the kingdom of God. Grace is given to the weak to make them strong. Out of the seven churches in Revelation, two churches have made it. So, it is possible that we can make it also, by the grace of God.

Can we inherit God's Kingdom to rule with Christ?

How do we inherit the kingdom of God? Sons inherit that belongs to their father. If we can become sons of God, we can inherit God's kingdom. Rom 8:13-14 and 2 Cor 6:17-18 say how to become sons of God. Rom 8:17 says that we can be joint-heirs with Christ.

End Times: 2 Thessalonians 2:3 Says: that
Jesus Christ Will Not Come (Except --) for 300 years

Preachers say that Jesus Christ may come anytime for the rapture. But the Bible says that he will not come until he reveals Satan who is in the churches. Jesus Christ says that he will not come until the Jews cry for him. The Bible says that he will not come for another 300 years.

God and Jesus Christ

Who is God? Part 1- God is 3 Souls 1 Spirit - Trinity, Triune, 3 in 1.

God is 3 souls or persons in one omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient Spirit. So, God is 3 Souls in 1 Spirit. The names of the three persons referred in the New Testament are, 1- God the Father, 2- the Lord Jesus Christ and 3- the Holy Ghost.

Who is God? Part 2 - The Lord Jesus Christ is God, the Bible says it 40 times.

Christians know that Jesus Christ is God. But the servants of Satan deny the fact that Jesus Christ is God. They say that the Bible does not say explicitly that Jesus Christ is God. In this video I give many scripture references to show that Jesus Christ is God.

Who is God? Part 3 - Holy Ghost, holy spirit and the evidences

The Holy Ghost is God and the Holy Spirit is part of man. The Holy Spirit, who is the spirit of man, is given to repented sinners. Often this spirit is mistaken for Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost governs the church, which is the body of Christ and he is God.

Did Jesus live as God or Man or God-Man? What is Jesus now?

When God became a man who was Jesus, did he live his life as a Man, or as God, or as God-Man? Most Christians think that he lived as God and Man at the same time. What does the Bible say? And what is its significance?

What is the birthday of Jesus (Christmas) according to the Bible?

Christmas day is celebrated on December 25th. The actual day of the birth of Jesus is not given in the Bible. But if we study the Bible, we can trace it down and that is what we will do now.

Live with Jesus Christ

Come out of darkness to live in the Light

Some love the Light, who is Jesus Christ, and will come to him for godliness, righteousness, and holiness. Others hate the Light and they will not come to the Light. They love darkness. Some of those who sit in the darkness, when they see the light, will come to the light.

Abide in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ

How to abide in the love of God? John 15:10. How to have the Holy Spirit abide in us? John 14:15. How to abide in Christ and the Father? John 14:23. How to abide in the word of God? 2 John 1:9. All say to keep the commandments of Jesus Christ.

The Prodigal Son and the Elder Son of God

The prodigal son repented, came back to God to stay with God to serve God, but not to sin again. His past sins are forgiven and his son status is restored. The elder son obeyed all the commandments of God all the time. So, all that God has is to him. He is the bride of Christ.

God Bless You

I am a retired pastor of the Church of God (Tennessee).
My name is Isaac Livingston. I am from Neyyoor India.

If we love God with reverential fear, we will obey God and We will stop sinning.

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Blessings of God

God, having raised up his Son Jesus, sent him to bless you,
in turning away every one of you from his iniquities.
Acts 3:26
The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and
the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.
2 Cor 13:14