Jesus Christ preached his Gospel. It is the Only True Gospel.




Jesus Christ is the only person who is ordained to preach his gospel according to Isaiah 61:1 and Luke 4:18 and nobody else is authorized to preach their own gospel. But, all his people are told to preach his gospel, which is the gospel that he has preached, but not to make their own. But Christian preachers preach to believe the story of Jesus Christ as the gospel to inherit the kingdom of God, that is to attain eternal life. This is the trick of the devil to deceive Christians. Nobody should preach any-other gospel other than the gospel that was preached by Jesus Christ. If they do, they are enemies of God and they are preaching another gospel, even if it is the story of Jesus. No one go to heaven by believing the story of Jesus Christ, but they will go to heaven by doing what Jesus Christ told us to do to go to heaven, and that is the gospel. It is the only gospel of Jesus Christ.

Religious people also look up to God for their current wants in life; as: healing, to know their future (prophesy), prosperity, etc. They try to obtain these things through a church or religion or by giving money to famous evangelists, etc, and preachers teach that God gives these things. By doing so, preachers make a fortune for themselves, since people are willing to pay them well. Celebrities are excellent performers and Christians love to make them rich. Preachers preach and Christians believe that eternal life is a by-product or a bonus for treating the preachers well and so eternal life is free. But, Jesus Christ and his apostles preach, that we must do what Jesus Christ told us to do in the scriptures, to receive eternal life. So, our preachers contradict Jesus Christ and apostles. Let us study this and similar things from what the Bible says. Having this in mind, I have prepared a few studies from the Bible, as "the Bible explaining the Bible," without any twist or deviation from any verse from its context. I present them here for your study as articles and videos. Please enjoy your studies. May God bless you.

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ARTICLES VIDEOS with Transcript
1. Jesus Christ says You Must Be Born Again 1. Creator God and creation man  
2. You Abide in God, He will Abide in You 2. Man Jesus, God Jesus, Another Jesus
3. Jesus Christ is THE Author for the Gospel 3. Jesus Christ says, you must be Born Again
4. What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ? 4. How to Repent or to Change your Mind?
5. Present Reality of the Lord Jesus Christ 5. What is Grace that Saved Us from sins?
6. How Sinners can become Holy and Perfect? 6. What do you mean by Saved by Grace?
7. Are we Saved from hell as we commit Sin? 7. Can we believe and confess to be Saved?
8. Follow Jesus to become Joint-heirs to Christ 8. What is the Faith that saved Us from sins?
9. Forgiveness of Sins, Salvation of Souls 9. We are saved by Works of Obeying God
10. What is the True Grace of God? 10. Commandments, Laws & the Gospel
11. Jesus Christ commands to baptize in water 11. Are You washed by the Blood of Jesus?
12. Will Jesus Christ Save Non-Christians? 12. Gospel and Grace of Jesus Christ
13. Christians do not Obey Jesus Christ 13. Are We Carnal, Deceivers Or Disciples?
14. What is to believe Jesus Christ? 14. How Jesus Christ gives Himself again?
15. Is it possible to Obey the Laws of God? 15. Born of flesh is flesh & of Spirit is spirit
16. God tells His People to Become Holy 16. What is Bible Hope & What is Bible Faith?
17. God adopts Holy people to be His Sons 17. God Requires Sinless Perfection
18. God says that we must become perfect 18. Walk Perfect even in the Old Testament
19. Christians do not follow Eternal Life 19. When will God forgive Sins?- Part 1
20. God is one Spirit with three Souls 20. When will God forgive Sins?- Part 2
21. The Word, Almighty, Jehovah & God 21. Can We go to Heaven without Baptism?
22. Jesus lived as a Man, but not as God 22. Do you believe in Jesus Christ?- Part 1
23. Jesus is Begotten Son, Lord, Christ, & God 23. Do you believe in Jesus Christ?- Part 2
24. The Word became flesh and then God 24. Here is false Christ or another Jesus
25. The Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ is God 25. How can you escape Deception of Satan?
26. God the Father Begets Children 26. Righteousness- Fine Linen, Clean & White
27. The Holy Ghost and the Bride of Christ 27. Is our Righteousness, Filthy Rags?
28. How God Created the Complete Man? 28. Are Spiritual Gifts done away? Part 1
29. Jesus Christ was not born as Begotten Son 29. Are Spiritual Gifts done away? Part 2
30. What Jesus Christ finished as Lamb of God? 30. Salvation of Christ - Clip of Paul Washer
31. God may beget you as He begot Jesus Christ 31. Grace & MacArthur, Gospel & John Piper
32. Jesus Told Us to Do the Will of the Father 32. RC Sproul, Paul Washer, & John Piper
33. Begotten Sons and Joint-heirs with Jesus? 33. False Teaching, Paul Washer, Willful Sin
34. What is the purpose God for man? 34. Speaking in tongues and John MacArthur
35. Truth and Grace came by Lord Jesus Christ 35. Open Enemies and Suicide Bombers
36. Saved People are God's workmanship 36. I am a wretched man- who deliver me?
37. We Sin, Tell Jesus Name, Go to Heaven 37. If we say we have no sin, we deceive
38. Mortify your flesh to receive God's glory 38. It is a cliché to say I am Perfect in Christ
39. What is Christmas according to Bible? 39. Gospel of Jesus is to Obey His Commands
40. False Preachers & Believers are in Church 40. God's Kingdom is to rule with Christ?
41. The Obedient worship God; Others Satan 41. End: Jesus Will Not Come for 300 years
42. Last message of the Lord Jesus Christ 42. God is 3 Souls 1 Spirit - Trinity, 3 in 1
43. Word of God is Spirit, the Bible is Book 43. Jesus Christ is God, Bible says it 40 times
44. Faith is the visible proof for our Hope 44. Who is God the Holy Ghost & Holy Spirit
45. "Once Saved Always Saved" is Deception 45. Did Jesus live as God or Man or God-Man?
46. Are We Under 'Law' OR Under 'Grace'? 46. What is the birthday of Jesus (Christmas)?
47. The "Doctrine of Predestination" is absurd 47. Come out of darkness to live in the Light
48. Jesus Christ will Judge according to Works 48. Abide in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ
49. Speaking in Tongues can be a Gift of God 49. The Prodigal Son and the Elder Son of God
50. Cross of Jesus and Cross of Christians Bible Study - Gospel according to St. John
My Answer to Your Question 50. John 1:1 to 4- Creator God is 3 in 1.
51. Was Jesus crucified on a Friday? 51. John 1:5 to 13- Separates Light & Darkness
52. How can I become Spiritual? 52. John 1:14 to 17- God became a Man (baby)
53. Does Jesus Christ talks to preachers? 53. John 1:18- You can become a son of God
54. How do I know a preacher is false? 54. John 1:19-37- He forgives & takes away sins
55. You preach not to sin. Do you sin? 55. John 1:38-51- Son of God, Christ, Messiah.
56. I tried, but still sinning. Am I doomed? 56. John 2:1-25- Water to Wine & Inauguration.
57. Are We Saved while enjoy Sinning? 57. John 3:1-12- Believed miracles, not His word.
58. Are We Saved by Works, Or Not?  
59. I love Jesus & sin, Jesus Loves me  
60. I believe in Jesus and so I am saved  
61. Jesus died for the world, saved a few?  
62. False Truth, Grace, Salvation, etc,.  
63. Will we have sin nature until eternity?  
64. Is Sabbath Day, Saturday or Sunday?  

God Bless You

Bits and Pieces of Bible Truth

Christians think that God forgives us when we are sorry and so we are saved. But it is NOT true.

We think that God forgives us when we say we are sorry for our sins. It is not true. But, God saves a person from his/her sins, so that the person will not commit sin anymore and then, God forgives the past sins that the person has committed. God will save us from our sins. Matthew 5:48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. 1 Peter 1:16 Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy. God tells us to be his children and to become like him (our Father). John 1:12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God ... If we receive him, he will give us power to become his sons. His sons has power, and with the power they can become holy and perfect. Matthew 1:21 … thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins. This is salvation from sins. Romans 3:24 Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus: 25 Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God; That is, we have become just, justified by the power of God, then God forgives our past sins, which we had committed when God was forbearing. 1 John 1:7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, .., and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. First we must walk as Jesus Christ walked (by power of God), and then, God will forgive our past sins. That is, God saves us from committing sins and then, forgives our past sins, which we had committed, when God was forbearing because of our ignorance and lack of power.

I am a retired pastor of the Church of God (Tennessee).
My name is Isaac Livingston. I am from Neyyoor India.

If we love God with reverential fear, we will obey God and We will stop sinning.